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Any realtor can find you a house … but we can find you a lifelong home. At Urban Cottage, we sell properties with ADU potential or existing ADU units so you and your family have room to grow.

An ADU doesn’t just mean increased property value. It means a way to repay your parents with a place to stay. It means a space for you — or your kids — to grow into. Or, if you’re renting the unit, it means help with your mortgage payment. The possibilities are endless.

One of the few agencies in Seattle with a certified ADU specialist on staff, Urban Cottage can show you properties across the city with an addition in mind. Whether you’re buying or selling, we’re committed to finding the hidden value in your property and using our expertise to answer any questions you may have throughout the buying/selling process.

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Whether you’re moving in or moving out, it’s important to find a real estate agent who understands the importance of this exciting transition — and wants to share in the excitement! At Urban Cottage, we’re passionate about properties in Seattle. We’re excited to match your needs with the unique offerings of each neighborhood across the city.

As the city expands, it becomes crucial for homeowners to use their space as efficiently as possible. Let the real estate agents at Urban Cottage maximize your property’s potential.

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There’s no city we know better than Seattle. Let us help you find the perfect ADU/DADU.

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We understand that each home offers unique value. We’re excited to discover what makes your property special, and communicate that to potential buyers.

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With our expert knowledge of city ordinances & building guidelines, we can help you fit an additional unit on your property — no matter the shape or size.

“If you’re looking for a new home- especially one with an ADU – call Gary!”

– Jeff & Nicole

It took us nearly a year to find our dream house and Gary was there with us all the way. With his expertise in the ADU industry, he helped us find not only the perfect house, but one with a beautiful ADU as well. Now we are always prepared to have family & friends join us for extended stays. Or, we can rent it out – as we choose – to generate extra income. The best of both worlds! Thank you Gary!! If you’re looking for a new home – especially one with an ADU – call Gary!

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