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Backyard Cottages

Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (DADUs)

Is a DADU home addition right for you?

Mother-in-law apartments aren’t just for mother-in-laws.

A type of ADU, detached accessory dwelling units (DADUs) are just what they sound like – separate, additional units on the same property as an existing home. With the new housing ordinances, Seattle homeowners in a single-family zone can build a DADU to expand their home and diversify their community.

Perfect for backyards, DADUs are a unique opportunity for city families to age in place. If you can’t imagine living anywhere other than your home, investing in a DADU addition could be a great solution for your family.

Interior of trendy kitchenette in accessory dwelling unit (ADU)

A New Approach to Housing in Cities

Whether you’re renting or keeping it in the family, an DADU is an opportunity for singles or couples to afford housing in high-income areas. It’s reverse gentrification, and it’s especially important in Seattle.

By renting your space, you’re not only supplementing your mortgage — you’re diversifying your community.


ADUs are also versatile. If growing old is still a long ways off, the DADU in your backyard represents other possibilities in the meantime. As the graphic below depicts, ADUs add benefit to your property no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Expand your community.

Need property analysis or financing recommendations? Reach out for a free custom consultation. Let’s imagine the possibilities together.

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For more information on ADUs and ADU regulation in Seattle, check out the information provided by the city of Seattle.

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