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Seattle ADU Specialists

Helping Neighborhoods Become Communities - One Urban Cottage at a Time!


Now Available: Two-Story
Detached ADU!

Looking for a spacious cottage alternative?
At 1000 square feet, this DADU home
provides our most versatile floor plan yet.


Build a Detached ADU

Create Your Very Own Cottage in the City With Us!


An Urban Cottage for Every Need

Find a Solution That's Just What You're Looking For.


Aging in Place

Retire at Home in an ADU or DADU.


Seattle's ADU & DADU Specialists

Find or Create Your Very Own Cottage in the City With Us!

What We Do

Seattle ADU Specialists

Welcome to Urban Cottage - the Seattle real estate group specializing in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Led by founder Gary Olmeim, our team is driven by the value that ADUs can bring to a property. If you're looking to sell, we'll help you market your property with ADUs in mind; if you're looking to purchase, we can help you find a property with an ADU - or the potential for one. We're even uniquely equipped to advise you in the building process. Whatever your dream, we can help you navigate the Seattle real estate market and the exciting new landscape that ADUs present.

Buy or Sell With Us

Real Estate Listings

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, Urban Cottage will help you get the value you deserve. Our team is incredibly familiar with the Seattle housing market, so we know when you should be making your move, and what prices you should be getting. Contact our team to get your house on the market or hear about available listings.

Design and Build With Us

Find out what you can build on your property.

Unlike many real estate groups in Seattle, Urban Cottage specializes in the ADU/DADU market, in addition to brokerage. Our team will advise on what you can build, how you should build it, and provide guidance every step of the way.

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Gary Olmeim

Meet Founder Gary Olmeim

Owner Gary Olmeim is a long-time Seattleite and a graduate of the University of Washington. He also has over 30 years of experience in real estate development and construction. Add in the fact that he’s one of Seattle’s only Certified ADU Specialists, and you’ll understand why Urban Cottage is the group most trusted by ADU-conscious home buyers and sellers in the Seattle area.

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You Have a Dream.
We Can Get You There.

ADU regulations can be confusing, but you don't have to go it alone. Buy, sell, build - whatever your dream, we can get you there.

Certified Specialists

We are experts in ADU and DADU regulations – a must in the Seattle housing market.

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We’ll start by finding out what’s possible, and consult you every step of the way.

Build On Your Property

Want to build a DADU? We can help. Give us a call and we’ll begin by evaluating your property.

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