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Aging in Place

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Retire at Home in an ADU

About 90% of seniors want to stay in their homes for the next ten years. However, only 43% of those over the age of 70 are able to do so. Thanks to the new ordinance in Seattle, more properties are now able to accommodate Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), a housing solution that makes it far easier for seniors to stay in their homes as they age. At Urban Cottage, our goal is to make this opportunity a reality by helping families buy properties or build DADUs to accommodate members in all stages of life.

Much of what gets us excited about ADUs are the advantages they pose over other senior housing options. When seniors occupy ADUs, they are able retain the autonomy and privacy that would diminish were they to occupy the same unit as family or move to an assisted living facility. But they also enjoy the security and support of having family nearby. We believe ADUs just might revolutionize the way that seniors live, and we’re excited to help you incorporate this model into your family’s plan.

A Solution for Seniors & Family Alike

ADUs allow seniors the comfort of their own space while being in close proximity to family. As a result, the quality of living and peace of mind granted by ADUs are unrivaled by most other options for older folks – which is why the new ordinance on ADUs in Seattle is such an exciting development for our community.

The Benefits of Aging In An ADU


Seniors are located near family, making gatherings easy for everyone.


Seniors living near family are less likely to be targeted for burglary.


ADUs allow retirees to age in a comfortable, familiar environment.


Aging in place makes retaining relationships much easier.


Aging in an ADU gives seniors far more privacy than either assisted living facilities or living in the same unit as family.


Proximity to family eases the burden of transportation faced by those no longer able to drive.


ADUs allow seniors to retain autonomy unmatched by assisted living facilities.


ADUs ensure that seniors get the help they need while maintaining dignity as they age.
Aging in an ADU

The Best of Both Worlds

ADUs really do provide the best of both worlds - more familiar than a retirement home, more secure than living entirely alone. Whatever your dream of ADU living entails, we'll help you achieve it.

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A Solution for Every Stage

The ADU Lifecycle

While ADUs are an excellent choice for Aging in Place, they also provide value for families at every stage. Young families may rent the ADU to supplement their income, or their parents might move in. More established families may let their teens use the ADU. In any case, the ADU is an Aging in Place solution and so much more.

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Aging in Place is Easier Than Ever With ADUs.

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