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With the recent changes to Seattle’s housing ordinances, it’s easier than ever to put a DADU on your property. But, it’s still easier said than done! First, you’ll need to figure out whether your property can accommodate a DADU. Then, there’s the design and construction process.

As a Certified ADU Specialist, Urban Cottage owner Gary Olmeim has the expertise to walk you through every step of this process. Whether you’re in the beginning stages or need advice on an existing project, our team is ready to jump right in.

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We make the build process efficient and easy. Urban Cottage now sells plan drawings and shell kits. Learn more to get started.

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Our Shell Kits

Looking to make the build process easier than ever before? Urban Cottage now sells pre-approved shell kits to help you get started on your next project (only available within Seattle city limits).

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The Urban Cottage System


From permit application to real estate transactions, Urban Cottage has the resources and expertise to help you realize your perfect accessory dwelling unit (ADU). We’re here for you every step of the way!

#1  Purchase Rights to Pre-approved ADU Drawing

Selected by the City of Seattle from a pool of more than 160 design submissions, Urban Cottage is proud to be one of only ten businesses in Seattle to offer pre-approved plans for detached accessory dwelling units, or DADUs, on the city website. Standard plans for each of the four pre-approved prefabs can be purchased by calling (206) 617-4455 or submitting the form below.

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#2  Hire an Architect to Complete Your Building Permit Submittal

Though all our plans come pre-approved, the city requires you to submit additional site-specific information on how your DADU will fit on your lot. We partner with WOOD studio — a local architectural firm that specializes in urban residential design — to prepare and add the required site plan to our pre-approved drawings and assist you throughout the permit submittal process.

#3  Apply for a Permit with the City of Seattle

Building a DADU on your property requires a construction permit from the city. With a pre-approved drawing from Urban Cottage, the city has already approved most of the review criteria, effectively expediting the permit process and reducing the associated fees. You can receive your construction permit at a lower cost in just a few weeks!

#4  Purchase a Shell Kit

To turn your plans into reality, Urban Cottage is pleased to offer a unique “kit of parts” for each of our 4 floorplans. Each shell kit comprises all of the beams, precut wall panels, and other materials necessary to complete your basic cottage envelope. With a bit of manual labor and some concrete to fill the foundation forms, you can have your rough structure up in weeks!

Please contact us for more information on exactly what is included in these packages and pricing for each floor plan.

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#5  Manage the Construction of Your Prefab DADU

From here, the experts at Urban Cottage can refer construction companies, electricians, and plumbers to assemble and construct the DADU. Our partnered professionals are proven in industry, and we’re confident in their ability to finish the job with the utmost care and quality.

#6  Condominiumize Your DADU or Sell Your Home

If you ever decide to sell your home or condominiumize your backyard cottage, Urban Cottage’s team of licensed real estate brokers can communicate and promote the worth of your home most effectively as your ADU real estate agency. ADUs are our speciality: Gary Olmeim, the founder of Urban Cottage, is one of the only Certified ADU Specialists in the Seattle area.

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